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Havana Club Gap Year

Following months of competition, the winner of the inaugural Havana Club Gap Year adventure in named.


imageJulián Medina, the winner of the first edition of the Havana Club Gap Year, has set off on a year-long trip around the world, courtesy of Havana Club, arriving in Cuba this month for his first experience of the Havana way of life.

During his time in Cuba, Colombian chef and restaurant owner Medina had the opportunity to refine his cocktail-making skills with some of the country’s top bartenders, including Alejandro Bolívar from El Floridita. He was also given exclusive access to Havana Club’s distillery where he was taught how to craft authentic Cuban rum by the Maestros Roneros.

Over the course of his 365-day trip, Medina will visit 12 countries and live 12 unforgettable experiences – including mixing with leading Tokyo DJ’s, travelling across Canada with a jazz band, honing his photography skills in Buenos Aires, and exploring Russia, Mongolia and Chinaon aboard the Trans-Siberian Express with a travel writer.

Medina will be documenting his experience in each country with films and pictures, which will be posted on a Tumblr blog ( Medina will also be posting news of his travels on Twitter (

Jérôme Cottin-Bizonne, Havana Club’s Managing Director, says: “We launched the Havana Club Gap Year competition with the aim of helping people to discover the world, experiencing each country the way it should be done, with the locals – an outlook on life that is very much at the heart of Havana Club’s brand essence.”

The Havana Club Gap Year competition has helped the brand connect with like-minded consumers around the world, attracting an impressive 350,000 new fans to its global Facebook page since the competition launched.