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Havana Club Makes Push

Havana Club Rum announces lofty sales goals for 2011 and develops a plan to protect their image and reputation worldwide.


Cuba hopes to sell four million cases of Havana Club Rum globally in 2011.  Their sales goals come in spite of a recent decision by the U.S. Federal Court of Appeals to not reevaluate their license to sell the product in the US.

Juan Gonzalez Escalona, President of the Cuba Ron Corporation, said that Washington’s decision to not protect the Havana Club trademark is a result of the economic blockade imposed by the U.S. government nearly 50 years.

Gonzalez announced that a serious marketing campaign is underway to increase the sales of the Havana Club rum in Europe, Latin America, Africa, and Asia.

Meanwhile, Arian Remedios Ortega, a specialist with Havana Club International S.A., noted that the company is working on a strategy to defend the brand in cyberspace.  He explained that actions including warning internet surfers about possible counterfeit products are underway.

Havana Club’s annual sales growth rates 4th among all spirits brands, only behind Absolut, Johnny Walker and Jameson.

In 2010, 3.8 million cases (of nine litters each) of Havana Club were sold, mainly in Europe (57%) and Cuba (31%).