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Why is the Rum Gone – Vol. 1

Another drink manual hits the market offering “A Collection of 40 Tiki-licious Rum Cocktails.”  Sounds like something we might enjoy.  Here’s our take.


A few weeks ago we got a message from our buddy, Kahuna Kevin, saying that his new drink maunal was written, designed, printed and ready to roll out the door to cocktail enthusiasts and tiki aficionados around the world.  Even better, he reported that a copy was on its way to us and joy ensued in Rum Connection headquarters.

We checked our mailbox with excitement every day until it arrived late last week.  I didn’t quite know what to expect.  I own a lot of drink books and find it difficult to keep up with new ones that hit the market.

Kahuna Kevin’s – Why is the Rum Gone is a collection of 40 new and totally original cocktails created by Kevin himself.  It is spiral-bound (so it sits flat on the bar) and has an easy to read, uncluttered feel to it.  Visually, it is a real feast for the eyes.  The design, artwork and layout are great looking and create an exciting, page-turner of a drink book.

The first few pages are dedicated to shout outs to his wife, friends and collaborators on the project.  He also memorializes his pet rat, Berretta, who apparently enjoyed a tipple of rum on ocassion before his untimely death in 2010.  I like this book already and haven’t even gotten to the booze part yet.

In true tiki tradition, many of the drinks in the Kahuna Kevin book contain a dizzying array of rum, syrups and juice combinations.  Several stack up nearly 20 ingredients and are not for the novice bartender.  Others are straightforward and have the traditional rum, sweet and sour combination so prevalent in good cocktails.

Some of the more offbeat (to me) drinks were the Bac-o-tini (which calls for 3 strips of bacon as a garnish), Blackbeard’s Depth Charge (it has 6 different rums, 4oz. of Red Bull and a dash of three different bitters among other ingredients) and the Witches Blood which contains Pumpkin Spice Liqueur.

I opted to give the Scurvy Mouthbanger a whirl since I had all of the needed ingredients at the ready.  Hey, anything with a measure of Falernum is going to be good and as it turns out, oj, lime juice, Don Q Cristil along with a float of Meyers makes a pretty nice simple drink.  Looks pretty too.

It’ll take us a while to get through it, but Kahuna Kevin’s – Why is the Rum Gone is a winner.  It is eye catching and an easy read.  It will take our team a few expensive trips to the liquor store to build the proper ingredient list for many of these cocktails, but there are definitely some real gems in this book.  From simple concoctions to 17 ingredients masterpieces, this book has it all.  Get on over to Amazon and pick up a copy.  They’ve already sold out once so you better hurry!