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The Kraken in 3-D

The design geeks at The Kraken Black Spiced Rum continue to flex their creativity with the release of a limited edition bottle complete with a 3-D label.


Limited Edition Rum Bottle Draws Attention.

Since their launch in 2009, The Kraken Black Spiced has been no ordinary brand.  They had the nerve to set up shop in a category that has forever been dominated by mainstream rum brands and they constantly get good reviews.  The Kraken is great on its own with a few ice cubes and also lends itself quite well to a variety of cocktails.  But it’s the cutting edge packaging and promo material design that continues to boost their reputation.

The Kraken design team first drew attention with the press pack that followed their original product launch.  It contained a recipe book, kraken ink, a kraken tooth, artwork, a dvd and, of course, a bottle of rum all wrapped up in a wooden box.  Pretty slick.

Their online store is stocked with some pretty cool and unusual pieces too.  The typical swag items are represented but so are some less traditional things like shower curtains, lamps, handkerchiefs and tote bags – all of them carrying their one-of-a-kind brand logo.

Well, the Kraken team is at it again.  This time, they continue to push the envelope with the recent release of a limited edition bottle sporting a 3-D label and glasses.   The label appears blurry with red and blue cephalopods and logo.  Don the accompanying 3-D shades and the image appears to pop from the bottle.   It will only be available at a select number of stores in the US and online.  If you want any part of this one, you better act fast.  Collectors and eBay entrepreneurs are sure to snap it up in a hurry.

Stay tuned for store locations and pricing.

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