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The Kraken: Masters of Marketing

The Kraken is the fastest growing rum brand in the US and their off-beat method of marketing has gained much notoriety.  Here’s their most recent piece.


Kraken’s Perfect Promo Pack

The team behind The Kraken Black Spiced Rum must have decided early on to put as much effort into building an image as producing great rum.  Their marketing materials are as interesting as we’ve ever seen coming from a liquor company.  The imagery is consistent from bottle design and labeling to their print ads, promo giveaways and now television commercials.  They get major props from us for keeping it fun and interesting all the way through.

We received a promotional package recently from our friends at The Kraken and couldn’t wait to see what kind crazy goods were included.  We were stunned at the amount of effort and detail that went into this cool and amazing collection.  Here’s what we found:

A printed box emblazoned with The Kraken Black Spiced Rum logo proclaiming “Indisputable Proof of Kraken Existence” is a definite attention grabber and makes us curious of its contents.

A box full of goodies from a rum company always brightens our day, but this one contains so much more than just the usual sample bottle of rum submitted for review.

There’s  an 80-page book that describes the anatomy of the Kraken, contains stories of Kraken sightings, tells the tale of how the Kraken Black Spiced Rum got its name and leaves a few pages to scribble down tasting notes.

A DVD movie is included with animated chapters about the legend of the Kraken and all the “Belly of the Beast” promo spots that have gone viral online.

Of course, there’s a well designed t-shirt with Kraken logo and tentacle motif.

Check out the mini flashlight with Kraken logo on its casing as well as in its light beam like something out of a Batman film.  Very cool!

And last, but certainly not least, is the most wonderfully weird piece of promo swag we’ve ever seen, a Kraken tooth “Discovered near St. Lucia.”  Brilliant!

Thanks to our friends at The Kraken.  You’ve officially made it into our Rum Swag Hall of Fame.