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To Life, Love and Loot

Captain Morgan unveils its new ad campaign “To Life, Love and Loot.” Academy Award-winning director Tom Hooper helps showcase a new side of the brand.


The Captain Runs New Ad Campaign

For the first time in Captain Morgan’s nearly 60-year history, the brand has launched a new advertising campaign that takes its inspiration from the real-life privateer and rum icon, Captain Henry Morgan.

Academy Award-winning director Tom Hooper joined Captain Morgan aboard a 17th Century replica of the Galleon Andalucia – amongst other undisclosed tropical locations – to film the three feature film-caliber executions. Hooper, who was honored with the Academy Award for Achievement in Directing (Best Director) at the 2011 Oscars for The King’s Speech, is world-renowned for his riveting period pieces — one of the many reasons Captain Morgan engaged him to lead the new campaign.

“In paying homage to Captain Henry Morgan in our marketing efforts for the first time, we took great care to ensure that his portrayal of the time period was as authentic as possible,” said Tom Herbst, Brand Director, Captain Morgan USA.  “When viewers see the spots from ‘To Life, Love and Loot,’ they will be struck by the richness and detail that only Tom Hooper can bring to life.”

Set in the mid-1600’s, the campaign tells an interpretive, witty narrative about a great leader who fearlessly protected his crew and had the ability to gracefully navigate whatever life threw his way.  The first spot, “DIVE,” showcases Captain Morgan and his unique prowess in diffusing a potentially violent situation when his crew is surprised by an enemy ship. To everyone’s amazement, the Captain prevents an inevitable attack by executing a picture-perfect dive from his ship into the sea below, protecting his crew and ultimately transforming enemies into friends.

“As our consumers continue to evolve and expand their interests, we recognized that Captain Morgan himself needed to evolve with them,” said Herbst. “Each spot in the ‘To Life, Love and Loot’ campaign showcases a new side of the Captain and reinforces to them that even today, they can live like the Captain lived.”

In addition to “DIVE,” the campaign also features a second 60-second execution entitled, “GLASS,” and a dedicated 30-second responsible drinking ad entitled, “RIDE HOME,” which debuts the brand’s new social responsibility message: Raise your glass, always in moderation.

Created by Anomaly, the “To Life, Love and Loot” spots will air in general brand rotation on top sports and entertainment outlets, including ESPN, TBS and TNT.

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