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Lost Spirits Aging Reactor

Lost Spirits Technologies develops a patented process utilizing its THEA One reactor to create a superior new generation of spirits.


imageLost Spirits Technologies announces today that it has successfully scaled its experimental distilled spirits aging system and is preparing to begin a nationwide rollout of the revolutionary new technology in October 2015. The system will be implemented through the use of small, portable aging reactors dubbed the THEA One. THEA One offers a revolutionary, state of the art way of designing and engineering the quality of aged spirits, and will be installed in craft distilleries across the country.

In April of 2015, Lost Spirits announced that it had successfully replicated the chemical signature and taste profile of 20-year-old rum in a laboratory setting. Since then, the engineering team has been working around the clock to create a scaled working reactor that is capable of producing spirits at commercially viable quantities. Today this task has been accomplished.

Lost Spirits currently has 65 distilleries on its waiting list and is in talks to potentially implement the technology on a grand scale with multinational spirits partners.

Lost Spirits will be hosting private media tours to showcase the THEA One and her capabilities at the notoriously secretive Lost Spirit hilltop laboratory throughout September. Interested parties may inquire for a sneak peek at the first THEA One models. For those who cannot attend, media kits can also be requested which contain samples and equipment overview using Google Cardboard in VR.

For more information, visit the Lost Spirits website.