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The Making of Vintage MMXII

With only 200 bottles of Bacardi Vintage MMXII hitting the market, it’s become an instant collectors item.  Here’s what sets this rare rum apart from the others. 


Proud Family Expertise with Ron Bacardi, de Maestros de Ron, Vintage, MMXII

“We have gathered the most experienced master blenders of Bacardi and made a unique rum for our 150th anniversary. We concentrated our efforts to make a blend that has never been made before, from the best rum vintages from the last twenty years,” said Manuel Jorge Cutillas, Bacardi Family Master Blender, and great-great grandson of the founder. Mr. Cutillas also previously served as chairman of Bacardi.

“We had the privilege of working with some incredible stocks of aged rum. We were looking for woody notes and fruity notes. We were looking for the balance and equilibrium that makes a great rum. The depth of flavor and character that this rum has is incredibly unique,” added Guillermo Garcia Lay, Bacardi Family Master Blender.

“I had an idea of what this rum should be and so did the other master blenders, so we tried to come up with one single Bacardi rum that would be good for all of us. And I think that if it is good for us, I think it will be good for everybody,” stated Emilio Bacardí Bravo, Bacardi Family Master Blender.

“I’m very proud to have been a member of this family and I’m very proud of what I have done. It’s the only thing I know and I haven’t done anything else, just make rum, since I left Cuba. Being here for the 150th and making this rum, I feel proud of that. It’s an honor,” said Joaquín Bacardí Bolivar, Bacardi Family Master Blender.

“It’s incredible, the friendship, the union, the ability to laugh together, the camaraderie, it’s always been like that. These are my old friends, my family, my cousins; it was a beautiful opportunity,” added Jorge Del Rosal Covani, Bacardi Family Master Blender.

A Unique Taste

The BACARDI MMXII Vintage is a highly aromatic, full-bodied and generous rum with a mellow flavor. It has an expansive nose full of fresh tropical fruits and sweet floral aromas, balanced with soft vanilla and a smooth oaken character. Its inviting aromatic qualities are enriched with notes of sweet Caribbean honey and fragrant fruits leading to a long, pleasing finish with a smooth background of oak. The Bacardi MMXIIVintage is 43% ABV / 86º Proof.

“We created the taste profile that we wanted, something different from the very best vintages that we had in our barrels,” said Totén Comas Bacardí, Bacardi Family Master Blender.

“We have created a new rum that brings the very best of all our experiences into one BACARDI rum that will help us to remember and celebrate Don Facundo and the generations and generations of blenders that came before us, and to carry on their legacy,” added Facundo Bacardí Bravo, Bacardi Family Master Blender.

Seed of the Future

The hand-blown crystal decanter represents the coconut palm planted at the entrance of the first Bacardi distillery in Santiago de Cuba by Don Facundo’s son 150 years ago. Known as ‘El Coco,’ this coconut palm tree became a symbol of the Bacardí family’s heritage and Cuban roots. This decanter embodies a new seed for the spirit of the next 150 years.


Etched onto the crystal decanter, next to the hand-pressed red crystal bat device, are the coordinates of 20 01 48.69N 075 49 56.86W that mark the birth place of Bacardi rum in Santiago de Cuba. This is the location of the first Bacardi rum distillery, where the founder’s son planted the original ‘El Coco’ and where the story began 150 years ago. The decanter also features a map of the Caribbean pointing to the original home of ‘El Coco’ and the Bacardí family.


Each hand-blown 500ml crystal decanter, housed in a finely detailed leather case, retails for US$2,000. Truly limited, only about 200 decanters are available at select international airport duty-free stores and premium retail establishments around the world.

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