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Malibu Wants You

Hot on the heels of having their fan base select its next flavor, Malibu Rum is now allowing them to potentially create its advertising.


If you’ve ever wanted to be in the director’s seat, now is your chance. Malibu Cranberry-Cherry, chosen by fans to be Malibu’s newest flavor addition, is searching for an inspired individual to play art director and create advertising that will introduce the product to the world.

The Malibu “Make a Splash” challenge asks creative thinkers across the nation to break out their cameras, video gear or smart phones to create an original and inspiring advertisement that reflects their take on their newest flavor A grand prize of $20,000 is at stake for the advertisement that wins over the Malibu judges and $5,000 for the one that wins over the fans.

Six months ago, Malibu held the “Malibu U Choose” sweepstakes, in which Malibu fans across the country were asked to visit the brand’s Facebook page to select between Citrus, Cranberry-Cherry and Mint as the newest Malibu flavor. An immediate favorite, Cranberry-Cherry received thousands of votes from the public, making it a permanent addition to the Malibu portfolio. With the “Make a Splash” contest, the company will once again allow the creative decisions to be shaped by the people who matter most: the fans.

“Our fans know what kind of advertising captures their attention and interest, so this time we’re challenging them to use their creativity and artistic abilities to inspire us,” said Sheila Senhouse, Brand Manager for Malibu at Pernod Ricard USA. “We’re excited to see how Malibu lovers plan to speak to fellow fans through these creations.”

Through July 18, participants aged 21 and over can submit a video and/or print advertisement by visiting and uploading their work. The winning advertisement and the fan favorite will be announced by Malibu the week of August 1. The fan favorite will win $5,000 and will be determined by Facebook users who visit the website during the submission period to vote for their favorite advertisement. Malibu will select the contest winner and award them with $20,000, along with the chance to use their work as an official Malibu advertisement.