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Rhum Tour Awarded

Martinique’s Travel Promotion Bureau wins a Silver Magellan Award for La Route des Rhums, a self-guided tour of the island’s tradition of rum distilling.


The Martinique Promotion Bureau was recently named among the winners of Travel Weekly’s Magellan Awards. Among the travel industry’s top honors, Magellan Awards recognize the very best in marketing and design services. Martinique received a Silver Magellan Award for its communications campaign in support of La Route des Rhums, a self-guided rum-themed tour of the island modeled after France’s famed Route des Vins.

Muriel Wiltord, director Americas for the Martinique Promotion Bureau, commented on the award, saying: “It’s always nice to win, of course, but we’re particularly proud of this honor as it recognizes one of the truly unique travel experiences only available in Martinique. The excellence of Martinique rhum is unquestioned around the world. You can taste that excellence anywhere our rhum is served, but traveling La Route des Rhums and experiencing the centuries-old traditions that gave birth to our rhum legend is a one-of-a-kind adventure you’ll never forget.”

La Route des Rhums features 11 distilleries located throughout Martinique, each welcoming travelers with insightful tours and free tastings. Visitors are treated to an in-depth introduction to the island’s proud and celebrated distilling tradition at the sources where each legendary blend was born, while also showcasing the full range of Martinique’s charms, from the natural wonder of the mountainous northern region, to the metropolitan mid-section of the island, and the flatter, arid southern shores.

Martinique rums are distinguished by a unique rhum agricole production technique employed by the island’s distillers for centuries to yield a collection of truly incomparable blends. Whereas rums produced elsewhere are primarily made from the molasses by-product of sugar production, the rhum agricole method used in Martinique begins with freshly squeezed sugar cane juice taken directly from cane stalks. This unique process yields rums that are more comparable with fine cognacs, offering greater complexity and a more varied array of natural flavors.

Owing in large part to the rhum agricole production technique, Martinique rums are the only rums in the world that have been granted the prestigious Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC) designation. Awarded by the French government agency Institut National des Appellations d’Origine (INAO) in recognition of the finest agricultural products (wines, cheeses, butters, etc), the AOC designation is an incomparable stamp of excellence in the culinary and spirits world. All rums produced in Martinique bear the AOC marker, making them a favorite of the world’s most discerning rum connoisseurs.

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