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Don Q Contest

Don Q Rum rolls our their Master Of All Skills contest.  Answer trivia questions across 9 categories and you could win an expenses paid trip to Puerto Rico.


Master Of All Skills

Internet contests seem to be all the rage right now (HINT: we’re hosting one from our Facebook page, if you haven’t noticed).  Don Q Rum jumps on the bandwagon with a trivia challenge contest called Master Of All Skills.  The process is lengthy and the grand prize is impressive, an all expense paid holiday to Puerto Rico to witness how some of the industries best make rum.

They’ve recruited the help of 9 top-notch websites to provide the trivia questions in a variety of categories.  Each trivia segment has three levels featuring 6 questions.  Once you’ve answered them correctly, you must complete a written response round to move on to the next category.  The Mixology Badge may not be difficult for you to score, but what about the Gastronomy, Humor, Culture or DIY segments?  The good news is that you get just about as many do-overs as you need.

If you successfully pass all quiz rounds and navigate your way through a final challenge you could be on your way to the land of rum, Puerto Rico.  So, what are you waiting for?  Get on over to Don Q and see if you’re the Master Of All Skills.

Good luck!!