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Milford Party Pack

Most decent liquor stores are in and around major cities, right? Well, the father and son team at the Milford Party Pack are out to prove us wrong.

100+ brands

100+ brands

Milford, Indiana is a quiet town of about 1500 people in the northern part of the state.  The area is known for it’s beautiful lakes, friendly people and bountiful agricultural land, not rum.  But Jim and Don Trammel have made it their mission to run a business that has more to offer than just tallboys of Bud Light.  These guys are serious about rum!

An entire aisle of the Party Pack has been dedicated to rum and with over 100 brands, they must have the largest selection in the state.  Their range is impressive with a variety of styles and price ranges represented.  Though a full line of mixing and flavored rums are available, the real emphasis has been put on the selection of premium rums.  Gosling’s Old Rum, Mount Gay XO, Zacapa, Barbancourt 15, and the full Flor de Cana and Clement lines were among the more impressive selections.

For me, part of the fun of exploring the shelves of smaller shops is the possibility of finding a nicely priced closeout rum or even something that’s not being produced any longer.  In this regard, the Milford Party Pack did not disappoint.  I scored a Guatemalan bottle of  Zaya, something I have not seen in quite some time, and a bottle of Cohiba, a rum that’s been discontinued because of a trademark dispute with the cigar folks in Cuba.

Guatemalan Zaya

Zaya score

So, next time you’re driving up State Road 15 in Milford, IN, stop by the Party Pack and say hello to Jim and Don.  You will gain a few new friends and surely pick up an addition or two for your rum collection.  Cheers!

Milford Party Pack

State Road 15

Milford, IN