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Music: Finley Quaye

Reggae at its best with a pinch of dub, folk and lounge thrown in for good measure.  Finley Quaye has been on our Sunday chillout soundtrack for quite some time.


Every now and then an artist comes along that seems to stay on constant rotation on the Rum Connection iPod.  Finley Quaye is that kind of artist.  His music is truly genre-bending with a solid foundation in reggae, but influences that run the musical spectrum are evident.  Music critics constantly compare him to  Michael Franti, Bob Marley and John Lennon.  Not bad company to be in.

Here’s a bit from his website bio:

Finley Quaye got his first record deal with Polydor Records in 1994.  He began working with Epic in 1996 and in 1997 hit the UK top 20 twice with “Sunday Shining” and “Even After All”.  His debut album Maverick A Strike is a masterpiece capturing the sunshine vibe of primetime Marley but placing it firmly in the concrete of mid nineties bohemian Britain and making it pure pop.

Finley’s following two albums are even more musically satisfying and challenging and were released on Epic, Vanguard (2000) and Much More Than Much Love (2004).  ‘The Best Of The Epic Years’ was released on Sony/BMG during the summer of 2009. He lives in the United Kingdom and is currently working on a new album with a brand new band.

As you can see, Finley has been putting out great music since the mid 1990’s, but we discovered him while listening to the official soundtrack to Thicker Than Water, a surf movie directed by Jack Johnson.  Even After All, his contribution to that record, is one of those songs that you just put on repeat and listen to for an hour or so.  Here it is.


Finley has recorded nearly 15 albums since his start in ’94 and they’re all packed with song after song of great music.  His Best Of album from his years recording at Epic has just been released and is a great start for anyone new to his music.  Pick it up at Amazon.  As you will discover, all of his records tend to mix well with a daiquiri, warm weather and the company of good friends.  Enjoy!

Get more of Finley Quaye here:

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