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National Hammock Day

That’s right, July 22nd is National Hammock Day.  Kick up your feet, grab a beverage and give a salute to the most comfortable of all backyard furniture.


A Day to Celebrate Relaxation

The work week comes to an end with another weird holiday, National Hammock Day.  The Rum Connection crew seems to identify with this holiday more than any other.  Sure, this is a day when we can all acknowledge the incredible comfort of a well-placed hammock, but in our rum-soaked minds, National Hammock Day is something more.  We see it as a day to celebrate laziness, relaxation, tranquility and peacefulness.  A day to pour a rum drink, kick back, listen to music and do nothing.  

In order to observe this day properly, we declare that if you’re at work, you should sneak out the back door and don’t return.  If you’re near a beach, go there immediately and enjoy some sunshine.  If you own a boat, take it to an out-of-the-way sandbar with a few friends and a well-stocked cooler.  If you’ve got a good bottle of rum laying around, open it up and sip away.  

Happy Hammock Day, everyone.  Get out there and be lazy!!
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