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It’s National Rum Day

Happy Rum Day!!  That’s right, it’s another quasi-holiday observing liquor and good times.  Here’s how we celebrated in Key West.


These made-up holidays just keep getting more interesting.  A few months ago we had National Daiquiri Day, then Hammock Day which was followed a week later by National Pina Colada Day.  We set out to celebrate each one according and are happy to report that we succeeded each time.

So, today is National Rum Day and we plan to spend it in the company of a variety of well-aged spirits and maybe a few of our favorite cocktails.  Actually, we think “National Rum Week” is a more appropriate way to celebrate and if someone starts that petition, we’ll sign it!  

This year, our regular National Rum Day celebration in Key West coincided with a tasting event that we were hosting for Denizen Rum, so we combined the two and had one big party.  On Saturday, with a crate of Denizen and a tablet filled with cocktail recipes, we set up shop at The Rum Bar on Duval Street and invited the entire island over for a party.  Here’s what happened.

[youtube width=”700″ height=”400″][/youtube]

If you get the urge to throw a rum party today, try a few of the following cocktails and let us know what you think.  Happy Rum Day, everyone.  Enjoy!