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Natty Christmas

This is Christmas music for people, like me, who can’t stand Christmas music.  Jacob Miller puts a 70’s-era reggae spin on five classic holiday songs.  Enjoy!!


Mike iconXmas Music to Drink To
by Mike Streeter


When I was in college in Chicago, I worked part time at a seasonal store.  Whatever holiday was approaching, we sold the appropriate stuff.  In early-November, the Christmas decorations arrived from our warehouse and we would spend weeks assembling displays of twinkling lights, garland, giant Christmas trees, ornaments and all the rest.

For two months there was a steady stream of Christmas muzak piped in through the Radio Shack sound system.  I’ve heard it all.  It would always start off with a compilation of classics like Bing Crosby’s Silver Bells and Frank Sinatra singing The Christmas Song.  In small portions it wasn’t bad.  Then U2 and John Melloncamp appeared on A Very Special Christmas album and we played it over and over.  Someone discovered the Motown Christmas Album and even a decent rock n roll holiday record that featured a few songs by Bob Dylan.  But as the weeks went by, the music got worse.  Much worse.

John Tesh cut a Christmas record that year, so did Celine Dion.  Horrible!  The Chipmunks Rock Christmas, Merry Merry Christmas by the New Kids on the Block, The Oak Ridge Boys Christmas, and Xmas for Lovers all showed up and were played constantly as people shopped for their holiday decorations.  It was torture and by the time December 25th of 1992 rolled around I had a serious hatred of Christmas music and I still do today.

Since then I’ve tried to find an appropriate soundtrack to play at my house during holiday feasts, gift opening and egg nog sipping sessions.  It’s been a long and arduous search, but I can finally recommend a Christmas album that has just enough holiday cheer and a heavy dose of island vibes.  Natty Christmas by Jacob Miller!

Miller had a string of solo reggae hits in the early ’70’s and eventually became the lead singer of Inner Circle .  His Christmas album was among the first to come out of Jamaica and is still one of the best.  He successfully puts his spin on 5 classics and is sure to give you the holiday spirit.  So, grab your eggnog, settle in with family and friends and enjoy a very Natty Christmas.  Yes, this is Christmas music to drink rum to!

Pick it up at Amazon or Itunes.

Jacob Miller hanging with Bob Marley

Jacob Miller and Bob Marley