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Nimble Strong

A very “sexy, life useful and incredibly playable story-driven drink mixing video game” hits the market to rave reviews from bartenders and gamers alike.


I’ve been playing video games since the invention of the Atari 2600 in the late ’70’s.  Today’s games don’t hold my interest much, but I do admit to enjoying a game of golf with my 7 year old nephew on his Wii system.

Occasionally, a long airport layover or extended dentist office waiting room stay will inspire me to seek out an Iphone game to kill some time.  Never works!  They’re all pretty lame and after quickly losing interest I resort to checking emails and listening to music.

Well, a new Iphone game that combines Anime, gaming and cocktail mixing has just hit the market and may be just the ticket for spirits enthusiasts and cocktail aficionados.  It’s called Nimble Strong: Bartender in Training and over the course of several stages and themes, will teach you how to mix 75 drinks, in a fun video game format.

The story line follows a lazy twenty-something who is fresh out of a relationship and wandering aimlessly in his professional life.  He takes a job bartending at the local watering hole and the adventure begins from there.  Nearly 20 well-designed (and quirky) characters circulate through each scene, order drinks and challenge the users skills in a fast paced gaming configuration.  It’s a challenging and light-hearted way to learn about cocktail mixing and satisfy your video game fix at the same time.  All that, and it has a pretty awesome soundtrack.

Don’t get me wrong.  Nimble Strong is no substitute for a quality mixology course, drink books and years of experience behind a bar, but it is a fun app that you may learn a thing or two from……..and you can even score a printable certificate for your efforts.  Enjoy!

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Click here to download Nimble Strong.