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Urban Moonshine Bitters

Whether enjoyed as a digestif, cocktail mixer or hangover remedy, bitters are big business!  Urban Moonshine brand enters the scene.


Organic Bitters from Urban Moonshine

Over the last few years, the selection of bitters at our local liquor store has gone from one lonely bottle of Angostura to a wide selection of 5 or more brands with a spectrum of interesting and unusual flavors.  This is part of an international trend pushing quality ingredients in cocktails and the variety and complexity continue to grow.

A new line of handcrafted organic bitters from a company called Urban Moonshine is the latest to hit the market.  They offer three robust flavors of certified organic bitters: Original, Citrus and Maple.

Urban Moonshine is a small family business with a mission to rekindle the relationship between herbal medicine and the modern world.  Located in Burlington, Vermont, the company hopes to inspire people to bring herbal medicine “out of the cupboard and onto the counter” in everyday life.  Urban Moonshine uses only organically grown or ethically wildcrafted herbs.  They also make handcrafted organic Tonics including: Immunity; Immune Zoom, Longevity; and Chocolate Love.  Jovial King, the founder and formulator of Urban Moonshine, has studied herbal medicine for many years with an array of renowned teachers.

“Urban Moonshine is calling on old herbal tradition to bring a fresh edge to the bitters revival now in full swing among cocktail aficionados,” says Jovial King.  Bitters had been a mainstay of the beverage world since the 19th century, but in recent decades this herbal mixer had been relegated to the dustiest corners of the liquor cabinet in favor of more modern syrupy mixers.  Urban Moonshine has found a following amongst the new breed of craft cocktail enthusiasts as well as back woods herbalists seeking the purest quality herbal bitters. Until the late 1880’s, any drink called a cocktail contained bitters, including classics such as the Martini, the Manhattan and the Old-Fashioned.   Crafting a great cocktail today means going back to these classics and seeking out the best possible ingredients to perfect the mixology of the drink for the modern palate.

“Our certified organic bitters fill a void in the ‘green’ spirits category, and our variety of innovative herbal formulas adds new ‘fuel to the fire’ for the growing legions of creative mixologists and foodies.”  Not only do Urban Moonshine organic bitters add a delightful flavor profile to a wide variety of cocktail recipes, they are also known as a traditional herbal remedy to stimulate and strengthen the digestive system.

Whether enjoyed as an aperitif, digestif, cocktail mixer or as a remedy to settle an upset stomach or calm a hangover, bitters are back!

Bumble Bee
2 oz. best medium dark rum
1.5 – 2 teaspoons strained honey or agave nectar
2 tsp lime juice
2 tsp fresh egg white
Orange peel

Shake with ice and strain into a cocktail glass. Add a mist of Urban Moonshine spray bitters. Garnish with an orange twist and serve.

Adapted by Urban Moonshine from a drink at