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Pango Keys Cocktail

We introduced Barbancourt Pango and 3-Star to the Key West cocktail scene last Friday and got an overwhelming response.  Here’s the top drink of the day.


Part of the fun of hosting a rum tasting in Key West is the prep work, or research as we like to call it.  You can’t talk intelligently about a particular brand unless you’ve tasted it, sipped it, contemplated it, mixed it up in standard cocktails and created new drinks with it.  So that is exactly what we did and discovered that the Barbancourt line of rhums plays nice with just about everything, especially tropical and tiki drinks, some of our favorites down here.

On a beautiful 80 degree Friday last week we hosted a bar full of rummies for an introduction to the 3 Star and Pango selections from Barbancourt.  Along with the rum tasting we were able to show off how these fine Haitian rums work in tropical drinks.  Over the course of the day, the Pango Keys Cocktail, a new drink created by Bahama Bob during a research session, was by far the most popular.  So here’s the recipe.  Let us know what you think.