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Panty Rippa

Who says a cocktail has to be complicated to be tasty?  This one has two ingredients and has long been a Belizean favorite.  Enjoy!!


The Panty Rippa may as well be the national cocktail of Belize.  They’re served everywhere and in mass quantity.  Tourists like them, locals like them, they’re inexpensive and taste great.  We like them because the local coconut rum is among the best on the market, the pineapple juice is fresh and everyone should have an easy-to-make tropical cocktail in their drink making bag of tricks.  Give it a try.  Cheers!

Panty Rippa

Fill a collins glass half way with ice

Add 2-3 oz. of coconut rum (we’re using Kaknat, but pretty much anything will do the trick)

Top off with fresh pineapple juice

Swirl glass to mix ingredients

Garnish with lime wedge

Crank up the tunes and enjoy!