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Prichard’s Expansion

Breaking news from Tennessee! Prichard’s Distillery plans a big expansion to the Nashville area.


Nashville’s Fontanel Mansion has enthusiastically announced their new partnership with Prichard’s Distillery, makers of fine spirits including award winning whiskeys and rum.  Prichard’s second Tennessee distillery will open on the 136 acre Fontanel property in the spring of next year.

Five generations ago in 1822, Grandaddy Benjamin Prichard of Davidson County, TN left his still, tubs, utensils and techniques of the craft to his son Enoch. Suffice it to say that long before they became a “legal” distiller, the Prichard family was known to make the best whiskey in the area. 15 years ago, descendent Phil Prichard opened Prichard’s Distillery in Kelso, TN, restoring a lost art form and producing some of the finest tasting rums and Tennessee whiskey in America.

“The unique character of Prichard’s spirits can be directly attributed to its production in small batches using classic copper pot still techniques and rigid quality control standards”, stated Prichard. “By comparison, today’s modern distilleries use continuous run, column stills, spewing out millions of gallons of whiskey almost daily, removing flavor and invading the American palate. These whiskies bear little similarity to the hand crafted pot distilled whiskies of ages past.”

“I fully understood upon sampling Prichard’s fine line of distilled spirits why they have received so many awards, published reviews and even accolades from their competitors,” stated Marc Oswald, co-owner of Fontanel. “We have long wanted to partner with a craft distillery here at Fontanel, and until meeting the Prichard team, just could not find partners who would fit in with our historical area. We are beyond delighted with what the future holds for our two companies and the co-promotional opportunities the partnership represents.”

The Fontanel Mansion is a 27,000 square foot log home formerly owned by Country Music Hall of Fame member Barbara Mandrell, and is Nashville’s only country music mansion tour, giving visitors a sneak peek into the lives of country music greats.

Prichard’s Distillery, noted for its awarding winning handcrafted products since 1997, currently has distribution in 48 states and 8 European countries. The expansion promises to be economically beneficial to the company, for the Fontanel Mansion and to the Nashville area.