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Just Think Puerto Rico

Rums of Puerto Rico kicks off their “Just Think Puerto Rican Rum” campaign in New York to remind consumers of the tradition and quality of their product line.


If you’ve got it, flaunt it! As part of the government of Puerto Rico’s efforts to remind the audience that Puerto Rico does it better and promote the quality products produced on the Island, Rums of Puerto Rico, the umbrella marketing organization for the collection of the world’s finest rums, today launched its 2011 campaign in New York City. The campaign underscores the award-winning attributes that make Puerto Rican rums stand out from their competitors. Consumers are encouraged to “Just Think, Puerto Rican Rum” when ordering a rum-based drink.

The campaign reminds consumers about Puerto Rico’s centuries old tradition of rum making; the legally-mandated, one-year aging of certain rums in white oak barrels; and the Island’s commitment to excellence. The result: Puerto Rican rums, including Bacardi, Don Q, Ron Llave, Ron del Barrilito and Palo Viejo, are the finest rums in the world.

“Puerto Rico’s rum industry provides more than 70 percent of the rum sold in the United States,” said Jose Ramon Perez-Riera, Puerto Rico’s Secretary of Economic Development and Commerce, which is the parent organization of Rums of Puerto Rico. “Rums continue to remain both an economic driver of the Puerto Rican economy and an economic ambassador for the Island.”

The $2 million marketing campaign will tell this story through print, digital and out-of-home messaging in New York, Washington, DC and Miami, and will be supported by public relations and social media efforts and an upgraded web site ( The campaign also will include a series of events and partnerships throughout the year, including a launch event at the Empire State Building featuring Food Network chef Claire Robinson and rum ambassadors from Puerto Rico and the extension of contracts for the exclusive Rums of Puerto Rico lounges and spaces at New York’s Madison Square Garden and Citi Field.

Nicole J. Rodriguez, Director of Rums of Puerto Rico, added that “one goal of the new campaign is to tie together all of Puerto Rico’s marketing efforts under a single theme: quality. Whether it is our beautiful beaches, friendly, bilingual workforce, or our superior rums, we want Americans to say the same thing when they think about Puerto Rico: “Puerto Rico equals quality.”

“Rum drinks are so much more than the ubiquitous rum and coke or your grandmother’s daiquiri,” said Claire Robinson, host of Food Network’s “Five Ingredient Fix.” “Because Puerto Rican rum mixes well with everything, you can use it to create new drinks or improve existing ones. For a spin on the classic cosmopolitan, try substituting Bacardi Limon or Don Q Limon for vodka and you will be delighted by the taste.”

The “Just Think, Puerto Rican Rum” tagline is tied to other Puerto Rico promotion efforts, including the Puerto Rican Tourism Company’s “Just Think, Puerto Rico” campaign, which launched last fall in New York City. Both campaigns also employ the green and black “Puerto Rico Does It Better” logo that is now appearing on all of the government’s promotional materials.


Visit Rums of Puerto Rico for more information.