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More Pusser’s 15

Pusser’s 15 will soon be available in greater quantity, capitalizing on the global demand for premium aged spirits.


Pusser’s 15 Year Old Rum, the rare, aged version of the rich-flavored, original Admiralty rum dating back to 1655, is available in larger quantities this month in both American and international liquor stores, hotels, restaurants and bars.

Coming on the heels of several recent double gold medal awards (NYC and London) coupled with strong demand for nobler, super premium spirits and after-dinner beverages, Pusser’s  wooden pot-stilled navy rum is going to be made available in larger quantities to its American and international distributors.

“Many consumers first taste rum through cocktails and fruit drinks like the daiquiri or the Mojito,” says a spokesperson for the multiple award-winning Pusser’s rum, “but soon after they learn to appreciate dark rum as an exquisite, sipping drink whose flavor, nobility and smoothness remain unmatched by other after-dinner beverages.”

Pusser’s Rum LTD is currently in the process of establishing the storied beverage as a powerful adversary to single malt scotches and other after-dinner drinks preferred by the discerning consumer. Moreover, cigar smokers, and cigar bar owners, are discovering the unique relationship between the two products. “When you think about it, rum and cigars are complementary, as both are products of the same tropical, humid area, so it’s natural to acknowledge the affinity one has for the other”.

For more information on the company’s mission and curren offerings, visit their website.

Double Gold Winner, The Spirits Business, Rum Masters 2013
Double Gold Winner, The Fifty Best, New York 2012
Gold Medal Winner, IWSC International Wine and Spirits Competition, 2011
Gold Winner, San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2005
Double Gold Winner, San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2003
Gold Medal Winner, Best Dark Rum, London 2001