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Pusser’s Caribbean Grille

Due to its protected harbor and friendly locals, Annapolis, MD has long been a yachting hotspot.  No wonder that a dockside rum bar fits in so well here.


Mike iconWaterfront Imbibing in Annapolis
by Mike Streeter


Pusser’s Caribbean Grille hangs over the water on the harbor side of the Marriott Waterfront Hotel at the foot of St. Mary’s Street in Annapolis, MD.  It opened in 1994 and quickly gained a reputation for tasty food and generous island inspired cocktails.  The indoor bar and dining room are dimly lit, clad in dark panelling and boast an impressive collection of nautical antiques.  This is a great spot for dinner and an evening drink.  The indoor space is impressive, but the real party is happening outside.


Pusser's Deck

The deck and outdoor bar at Pusser’s Caribbean Grille have definitely been inspired by hundreds of similar establishments in the islands, and they’ve done a great job at recreating that vibe. The atmosphere is ultra casual with a mix of land-based tourists and yachties sitting at umbrella tables sipping beers and cocktails.  On a Saturday afternoon with sun shining, boats swaying at anchor in the harbor and a Painkiller in hand, there really couldn’t be a better place to hang out.

Of course, this place could hardly be called Pusser’s without serving up plenty of Painkiller cocktails, their signature drink developed years ago in the British Virgin Islands.  They pour more of these rummy concoctions than any other drink on the menu and for good reason.  They’re the perfect mix of rum, coconut cream, pineapple and orange juice!  Depending on your need for “pain relief”  the Painkiller comes in three rum levels, 2 oz, 3 oz, or 4 oz.  Be careful.  They’re tasty, smooth and lethal!

The rum selection at Pusser’s focuses on their brand of British Navy Rum, of course, but they also have a nice selection of sippers at the indoor bar.  Mount Gay XO, Appleton VX, 12 and 18, and Cruzan Single Barrel are among the winners.

Beautiful views

Beautiful views

So, if you happen to find yourself in this little part of the world, be sure to stop by Pusser’s Caribbean Grille for a Painkiller, fresh seafood and very, very good times.


Pusser’s Caribbean Grille
80 Compromise Street
Annapolis, MD 21401
(410) 626-0004