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Pusser’s Rum Cake: A Review

Pusser’s releases a Rum Cake and scores top reviews from several rum and culinary blogs.  Now it’s our turn to get a taste and scribble down our thoughts.


Confessions of a Rum Cake Junkie
by Mike Streeter


I’m one of those strange people that doesn’t eat sweets.  I don’t regularly eat chocolate, cookies or candy.  I know, it’s weird for a rum nerd like myself to not like sweet stuff, but I don’t.  Believe me, I enjoy the taste.  The problem is that I enjoy it way too much.  I am a bona-fide  sugar addict.  Put a platter of holiday candies in front of me and I’ll destroy the entire thing.  A whole box of Oreos, no problem.  A package of Twinkies, child’s play.  So, after putting on a very ugly 10 pounds from a wonderful Christmas candy binge a few years ago, I swore off sugary sweets.  And for the most part, I have been on the level.  Until last week.

I got an email from a friend at Pusser’s asking if I wanted to try one of their new Rum Cakes.  They’ve been getting good press, most recently at Rum Shop, so I figured the cake would be top quality.  Before I could get in touch with my Sugar Anonymous sponsor, I scribbled “YES, send it over.”  I’m so weak.

The very next day a FedEx box arrived at my doorstep and I opened it like a kid on Christmas morning.  There it was, a round canister emblazened with Premium British Navy Pusser’s Rum Cake on the top and sides.  It was a thing of beauty.  I cracked it open and the smell of sweet rum filled the room, and this was before I removed it from its plastic shipping sleeve.  A good sign.

“Relax”, I thought to myself.  I should take this slowly since I plan to write about it.  I got the camera out, took a few photos and then decided to have my first taste.  This is exactly what a rum cake is supposed to be.  Fluffy, soft, sweet, tasty and….filled with rummy goodness (3 ounces to be exact).  The emphasis here is definitely on the famous flavor profile of Pusser’s and it works, quite well.

One “taste” turned into a full serving and soon half of the cake was gone.  How did that happen?  I decided to put it away and give it another taste the following day, but as the afternoon drew on I found myself making several stops by the Rum Cake tin for a quick sample.  This is research, after all.  By the following morning the only thing left of my Pusser’s Rum Cake was crumbs.  It’s a shame too, I bet it goes great with coffee.

Warning to all sugar addicts, the new Pusser’s Rum Cake is the real deal.

Click here to order one.