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Pusser’s Strikes Gold

Pusser’s 15 and Blue Label earned gold medals during The Spirits Business Rum Masters 2013 judging.


Pusser’s Rum struck gold twice during the annual Rum Masters competition conducted by The Spirits Business. An independent seven judge panel, consisting of spirits-industry personnel, bartenders and food-and-beverage critics, awarded gold medals to Pusser’s 15 Year Old dark rum in the over-12 year category and to Pusser’s Blue Label dark rum in the less-than seven-year category.

The Spirits Business is a London-based publication, website, and media partner of the International Bartender’s Association. Read by over 50,000 spirits professionals, it conducts yearly blind tasting competitions that draw entries in a variety of categories from throughout the world. Each spirit is judged on its own merit rather than against other brands. Rum entries this year consisted of dark, golden, white, flavored and over-proof varieties.

Pusser’s 15 Year Old rum is the rare, aged version of the rich-flavored, original Admiralty rum that dates back to 1655. This rum was traditionally provided to British sailors as part of their daily ration. The spirit was recently made available in larger quantities to both American and international distributors and as a result, to a greater number of liquor stores, hotels and bars. Forbes Magazine earlier named Pusser’s ‘the single malt of rum’ for its unique taste and smooth flavor.

The more abundant Pusser’s Blue Label rum is a higher proof, aged 3 Year blend, also produced using the blending recipe from the Admiralty. Lower in cost and traditionally used in the Painkiller cocktail, its natural vanilla and oak aromas punch through the cocktail ingredients like no other rum.

George Freegard, International Sales Manager for the brand, comments, “These awards continue to confirm what the old British Navy Jack Tars have known about Pusser’s dark rum since 1655. And now connoisseurs and rum aficionados have appropriately discovered they’re refined sipping drinks that deserve to be considered among the most flavorful, most complex rums in the world. We’re very pleased by these awards and will do everything in our power to meet the increased global demand for Pusser’s Rum products.”