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Certified American Rum

Railean Rum, a popular small-batch brand out of League City, Texas, becomes the first rum on the market to be “Made in USA” certified.  Check it out.


Railean Distillers announced today that their portfolio of rum is the first to be Made in the USA Certified in accordance with the US Federal Trade Commission requirements under federal law.

Qualifying for the Made in USA Certified seal signifies that a manufactured product has gone through a rigorous supply chain audit and certification process to confirm compliance with US laws and regulations.

Railean recently received official notice of their successful completion of this audit process and received license to use the Made in USA seal of Certification. Consumers know that when they see this seal, the “The Made in USA” claim has been verified, tested and true.

“Americans are fed up with tax subsidies and bailouts of imported products making it hard for small American businesses to compete, and the rum industry is no exception,” said Kelly Railean, President and Founder. “With this elite certification, we are now able to differentiate our rum from every other imported rum on the market. Americans now have a choice between imported mass produced rum and higher quality Handcrafted American Rum. We are fully committed to providing products Made in the USA; thus providing jobs, fueling our American economy and aiding in the recovery of our economic system.”

Although additional costs are incurred to meet the stringent Made in USA regulations, a recent Gallup Poll found that 72% of Americans are paying heightened attention to the country of origin of products they buy and nearly 94% of Americans would pay more for foods grown or produced in country. American consumers want companies to adhere to strict US labor laws, OSHA safety standards, and EPA environmental regulations, and they want a guarantee of quality for raw materials, packaging and final product.

Railean Distillers was founded in 2005 in League City, Texas by Kelly Railean and is the only rum distillery to be certified with the Made in USA seal.