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Rare Bacardi Rum Launched

Bacardi celebrates their 150th business anniversary by launching a new $2000 limited edition bottling called Maestros de Ron, Vintage MMXII.


To commemorate the rum-making standards achieved by Bacardi 150 years ago, family-owned Bacardi Limited announces a first—the rarest Bacardi rum ever released, as a celebration of the expertise and craftsmanship in every bottle.

An unprecedented number of Maestros de Ron Bacardi (Master Blenders), eight in total and each a Bacardí family member, have combined their talents to create a very special and rare limited edition rum, de Maestros de Ron, Vintage, MMXII. A blend of the finest Bacardi rums laid to rest in oak barrels over the past 20 years and finished in 60-year-old Cognac barrels, this vintage blend is presented in a hand-blown crystal decanter.

The masterful art commemorated by the release of this exquisite vintage rum was perfected by Bacardi founder Don Facundo Bacardí Massó—the original Maestro de Ron—in Santiago de Cuba in 1862. “Don Facundo forever changed the spirits world by creating Bacardi Superior Rum, the most mixable of all Bacardi rums, introducing steps and setting the standards in rum-making,” said Manny Oliver, Global Master Blender. “This defined premium clear rum—what the world now knows as rum.”

“He used these same techniques in creating his dark rums, as well. These steps have been handed down through 15 generations of hand-selected Bacardi Master Blenders and used today to create the Bacardi portfolio of fine rums,” said Joe Gomez, Puerto Rico Master Blender.

“Our family honors the 150-year legacy of my great-great grandfather and Bacardi founder Don Facundo Bacardí Massó every day by continuing to create and blend our rums the same artful and masterful way he did in 1862,” said Facundo L. Bacardi, Chairman of Bacardi Limited and fifth generation Bacardí family member. “Bacardi rum is not only the world’s favorite and best-selling rum; it is also the world’s most awarded rum, winning more than 400 awards for taste, quality and innovation.”

Before 1862, the rum of the time was crude, harsh and unpalatable to the emerging Cuban middle-class who were used to drinking fine wines and Cognacs. Don Facundo set out to create a spirit more refined and comparable to the finest Cognacs of the time.

After years of experimentation, he pioneered and developed seven rum-making standards:

  1. Superior Ingredients: Only used high quality sugarcane molasses, which is vital to the Bacardi taste profile.
  2. Control Fermentation with Special Yeast: He isolated a special strain of yeast (known as the Bacardi Levadura) for controlled fermentation and flavor consistency every time. This same proprietary strain of yeast is still used today. During fermentation, yeast turns the sugar in the molasses into alcohol. Without the Bacardi yeast, the unique taste of Bacardi rums would be impossible to replicate.
  3. Parallel Distillation: He utilized a parallel process model to distill two different distillates—a heavy-bodied rum spirit that forms the robust taste and character and a light-bodied spirit that delivers the distinctive smoothness.
  4. Charcoal Filtration: He charcoal filtered his rums multiple times to refine and purify the taste and provide greater consistency and quality in each bottle of BACARDI rum. The exact mix of natural wood charcoals and their application in the process are secrets of the Bacardi Master Blenders.
  5. Purposeful Mellowing: He mellowed his rums in hand-selected, toasted American white oak barrels to deliver a smooth taste and specific flavor.
  6. Second Filtration: He charcoal filtered many of the mellowed rums again for optimum consistency and smoothness.
  7. Blending: He took blending to an art form, blending his rums to match the unique and perfect taste of BACARDI rum.

Tune in tomorrow for more about the making of Bacardi Vintage MMXII.