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The Research Continues

Today we’re touring two of the top micro distilleries in the country. Details about Drum Circle and Florida Caribbean Distillers coming soon.


The Rum Connection crew leaves Key West this morning on a short flight up to Sarasota, Florida.  We’re in for a treat.  Troy Roberts of Drum Circle Distillery has invited us up to take a tour of his facility, the very place that produces the award winning Siesta Key line of rums.  We’re anxious to see Troy’s operation and hear about the future of his brand.

After that, several members of the Rum XP group plan to keep the research going by visiting the Sarasota Trader Vic’s location.  Tiki drinks are in our future.  Then we head out to Longboat Key Marina to wind down with a few drinks under the stars on a friends boat.

Tomorrow we head east about an hour to Lake Alfred, Florida where we’ve been invited to tour another distillery.  Florida Caribbean Distillers are the producers of Black Roberts Spiced and the Ron Carlos line of rums.  This is a big operation with a 10 million proof gallon annual capacity and they also produce a full line of vodka, gin, whiskey and cordials.

We twisted an arm or two and have talked a few RUM XP members into returning to Key West with us on Tuesday for more rum fun.  This is going to be an interesting week.  Stay tuned for details.