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The Results Are In

The Caribbean Alcohol Beverage Tasting Competition was held last week during the first annual Rum & Beer Festival in Barbados.  The winners are….


The 2010 Caribbean Alcohol Beverage (CAB) Award Results

White Rum
GOLD –  Allen Alleyne White (R.L. Seale, Barbados)
SILVER –  Elements 8 White (St. Lucia Distillers)
BRONZE –  Appleton White (Appleton Estate, Jamaica)

Overproof Rum
GOLD –  Jack Iron Overproof (Westerhall Estate, Grenada)
SILVER –  Rum Bar Overproof (Worthy Estate, Jamaica)
BRONZE –  Den Ross Strong Rum (St. Lucia Distillers)

Spiced Rum
GOLD –  Chairmans Reserve Spiced Rum (St. Lucia Distillers)
SILVER –  Kweyol Spiced Rum (St. Lucia Distillers)

Gold Rum
GOLD –  Allen Alleyne Brown (R.L. Seale, Barbados)
SILVER –  Toz Gold (St. Lucia Distillers)
BRONZE –  Plantation Brown Rum (Westerhall Estate, Grenada)

Aged Rum (5–9 years)
GOLD –  Doorly’s XO (R.L. Seale, Barbados)
SILVER –  VXO Rum 7 year (Demerara Distillers, Guyana)
BRONZE –  Admiral Rodney (St. Lucia Distillers)

Aged Rum (10–14 years)
GOLD –  El Dorado 12 year (Demerara Distillers, Guyana)
SILVER –  Westerhall Vintage (Westerhall Estate, Grenada)
BRONZE  – Mount Gay XO (Barbados)