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Rocky Mtn. Wine and Food Fest

Chip Dykstra finds himself at the Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival in Edmonton.  Here are some of his discoveries.


Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival

By Chip Dykstra


Today my goal at the food and wine festival was to visit as many booths as I could where Rum and Rum based spirits were being showcased.  My first stop was the Juan Santos booth.

Here is the kind of Treasure Chest I appreciate:


The Juan Santos Reps were displaying my recently published reviews from Rum Connection, and their booth was quite busy.

Then of course I got sidetracked,


Tequila is also quite nice.  But their does happen to be a rum connection so to speak.  I talked to the importer for about fifteen minutes anf discovered that he is in the process of bringing new rums from the Domincan Republic into Canada.  We exchanged cards, and he promised to arrange for myself to obtain samples for review purposes. (The tequila too.)

So I discovered that new rum is not neccessarily where you look for it.  Like Here:


I found these gems at a Vodka booth.  The Mango Mix was stellar.

I can’t resist showing you the Firestarter Vodka.


The botles are actually mini fire extinguishers. And How about these adult freezies:


Tommorrow I will have more pictures and stories.  I heard a rumour about Trader Vic Rums coming to my province and I need to get to the bottom of that.

Catch you tomorrow!

Arctic Wolf