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Ron de Jeremy Media

As One Eyed Spirits prepares to launch the new rum from adult film star, Ron Jeremy, they cut a TV ad with all the skin and innuendo that you would expect.


Ron de Jeremy Preps for Launch

The liquorati was abuzz last month after the press release dropped announcing Ron Jeremy’s new rum.  Reactions ran the gamut.  More than a few serious aficionados were convinced that the industry would suffer a huge blow (wink-wink) from a rum baring the name of a porn star.  Others welcomed the new and controversial brand with open arms and expect a quality product rather than just novelty swill.

Regardless of opinion, Ron de Jeremy is set to soon hit the market and will draw attention from industry vets and mainstream media alike.  If nothing else it’ll get people talking about rum, right?

One Eyed Spirits, the parent company behind Ron de Jeremy, readies for the official launch with a new collection of print ads and videos.  This one just hit YouTube and deviates just a bit from the usual web ads promoting rum.  We would expect nothing less from a brand that has been anything but traditional from the beginning.  Enjoy!