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Rosie’s Spice Flavoured Bar

The island research continues and I’ve found a Grenadian rum punch that’ll knock your socks off.


I got a tip from a local Grenadian friend that the best rum punch on the island was made at a place near Rum Connection Headquarters.  But it wasn’t where I imagined it would be.  It wasn’t in one of the area’s beach bars, vibey rum shops or high style resorts.  Nope.  It was reportedly served up by a woman named Rosie from a small booth within the Grand Anse Spice & Craft Market, a tourist mall that largely caters to the cruise ship crowd.

So, on a warm winter afternoon, off I went down the beach to find Rosie.  The sand was hot and the surf pounded with a particular force that day.  The warm breeze blew in my face and I couldn’t help but smile thinking about my friends freezing up in America.

By the time I got to the Grand Anse Spice & Craft Market I had passed by many of my favorite watering holes and had worked up a serious thirst.  In the market I walked by a roti stand, someone selling beer and a candy shop before I spotted Rosie’s Spice Flavoured Bar.  Rosie was happily working her small shop and I told her I was there for a rum punch.  “Thas my specialty” she said and flashed a timid smile.

She quickly went to work making my drink and gave the preparation a rather intense focus.  Bottles of booze came off the shelf, juices were squeezed, nutmegs grated and when she was done it resembled a cocktail that could be on the cover of a tropical drinks book.  She served it up with a smile and I took my first sip.  Fortunately, it wasn’t overpoweringly sweet like many punches, nor was the rum hidden deep within the fruit juice.  It was the perfect balance of subtle tropical flavors, rummy essence and a lingering touch of spiced heat.  A vacation in a glass.  Delicious!

Rosie wouldn’t give me the secret recipe but hinted a bit at what might be in her famous rum punch.  Here are a few of the possible ingredients: Clarkes Court Pure White Rum (overproof), lime juice, pineapple juice, orange juice, Angostura bitters and fresh ground nutmeg.

On an island where everyone takes great pride in their rum punch recipe, it’s difficult to say who has the best.  But I can tell you this, up until this point in my research, Rosie’s rum punch is the absolute best in Grenada.  Be sure to stop by her little shop, have a drink and tell her you read about the place on Rum Connection.  Cheers!

Rosie’s Spice Flavoured Bar
Grand Anse Spice & Craft Market