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Rum Fire Rises in Seattle

Rum Fire Jamaican Overproof Rum is launching in one of the west coast’s hottest rum markets, Seattle. Wait..huh?! Known by many as the city of Starbucks, Microsoft and Amazon, it has been gaining more and more attention for its cocktail bars and more importantly, rum scene.

imagePerhaps it’s the weather that keeps people inside bars drinking away feelings associated with so many gray, rain filled skies that drives this market? However, Seattle is also home of the longest-running rum society in US, The Rum Collective and this just might have something to do with it too. Nick Feris, itsĀ founder, gives us the story. Several years ago, he visited the historic Hampden Estate Distillery in Jamaica where Rum Fire is made. He wrote about his experience and he tells us, “I always hoped for it to find its way up to the Northwest, but that day never came.” He tells us it was like a “continually frustrating long-distance love affair.” Recently, Nick reached out to the brand and did something about it. Nick says, “Today, Seattle and its surrounds have great cocktail bars like Rob Roy, Liberty, Canon, 99 Park, La Isla, etc. that care about quality rum. We now also have some pretty awesome bars that specialize in Rum, like Rumba and Tacoma Cabana. This market is ripe for Rum Fire and it will be well-received here.”

Rum Fire has a long unique fermentation and is 100% pot still rum giving it’s bold funky flavor. This rum is bottled at 126 proof and it packs a punch!

If you are in Washington State, check out The Rum Collective’s launch events!