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Perks @ Pacific Online Spirits

We introduced you to Pacific Online Spirits a few weeks ago and their site just keeps getting better.  For the entire month, Rum Connection fans get free shipping!!


Pacific Online Spirits is a top notch online liquor shop that stocks nearly 60 premium and hard to find rums and an entire selection of 500 total spirits.  Their prices are super competitive and service is always with a smile.

It is our pleasure to announce that Pacific Online Spirits (POS) is offering friends of Rum Connection free shipping for the entire month of August.  So, if you’ve been waiting for the right moment to splurge on a new bottle of rum, this is the time.

We’ve been browsing the pages at POS and they’ve got a great selection.  One that we reviewed a few months back is Mocambo 20 Year-Art Edition from Mexico.  It is great rum and has one of the most unusual bottles on the market.  Here’s a summary of our review:

Ron Mocambo 20 Year Old-Art Edition

The Ron Mocambo 20 Year Old Rum is distilled by Licores Veracruz, S.A. de C.V.  The Art Edition is a throwback style of rum which uses old techniques of production, and then combines those techniques with modern aging to produce an aged rum of very unique taste and character.

Artist, Victor Fernández, was selected to decorate the rum bottle with natural fibers to represent old Mexican handicraft in a modern art style. Each bottle is a unique work of art. 

The Mocambo rum displays a leathery brown color, with a distinct grey pallor.  It has nice legs which trickle back down the sides of the glass.  The scents and smells which rise from the glass are very unique, and the overall effect is unlike the aroma of other rums which I have come across to this date.  Wisps of wood smoke and rawhide drift into the air in front of a lightly sweetened caramel and dried raisin.

The Mocambo 20 Art Edition is a style of rum that genuflects at the altar of old wood without apology. The rum embraces its age, and its time spent in wooden casks.  In fact I would say the Mocambo Art Edition is a celebration of old wood and cask aging.

The old wooden casks have been allowed to set their mark firmly into the flavor profile. There is a soft mild leathery bitterness, but this is a mild approachable bitterness of older wood tannins, and earthy smoke.  Whispers of ripe freshly cut cocoa bean, and Oolong tea set vague impressions of their presence into the rum but do not try to overwhelm it.  Caramel accents are far back in the flavour profile yet that sweetness is not lost.

The finish brings to mind dry fruit and roasted nuts.  Sweetness seems to be absent as the rum exits my mouth, but the mildly bitter tea and cocoa flavours identified on the palate seem to remain well after the rum is gone.

This is one of those rare rums which tastes a little better each time you try it.


Interested in this or any of the other selections at Pacific Online Spirits?   Be sure to use the code RC811 for free shipping for the entire month of August.