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Rum Week – Day 2

Day 2 of Rum Week was action packed.  Cocktails, brand parties, an impromptu beach session and late night rum fueled craziness ensued.  Here’s the scoop.


I love Miami, I love Rum and I love RUM WEEK in Miami!!  Yes, the team behind Rum Renaissance really put together a full tilt, pedal to the metal affair this year and we’re soaking up every last drop.

Yesterday started with a lazy afternoon at the beach, drinking beer, listening to music and appreciating the latest in Miami bikini fashion.  A few hours and several beers later it was time for the day’s first sip of rum courtesy of my friend Forrest Cokley.  He hosted a hotel room drinking session and presented various rums that haven’t even made it to market yet.  Several of them were great, others….not so much.  But the experience of drinking the goods before anyone else is still super-cool.

At 5 we all packed into a cab and made the quick commute to the Broken Shaker Bar for a rum tasting hosted by Zacapa.  I’ve been to a few of their parties before and they always represent.  This was no exception.  The Bar Lab guys mixed up some killer Zacapa cocktails and we mingled with their local brand reps and other bigwigs.

After several drinks we came back to the Deaville for the Great Rum Challenge.  This was fun.  Contestants were served a flight of rums and were Challenged  to guess what they were.  If you scored highly, you advanced to the next round which was a multiple choice quiz on brand names and associated founding dates.  Pretty tough.  The high scorer won all 8 bottles from the first round.  I didn’t win, but the rums were fantastic.

The Great Rum Challenge came to an end and we all made our way to the Design District for a party and tour of a micro-distillery that is preparing to launch a new white rum called Miami Club.  They showed us around, let us sample their new blend and explained their interesting and unusual method of distilling and aging.  They hope to have Miami Club on the market by next month so be sure to pick up a bottle.  

Several rum and Cokes later we caught a cab and returned to the Deauville for one last drink at the Liar’s Club pop-up bar.  With the UK Tiki Team behind the stick we should have known that one drink would turn into 5 and the night just kept getting more and more interesting.  

Today’s agenda involves breakfast and lunch rum tastings, two judging sessions for the XP Tasting Competition and a night of tiki drinks and the legendary Mai Kai.  

Stay tuned!