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Rum Renaissance Rundown

Our luggage is filled with dozens of bottles of rum and we haven’t slept in a week.  Yes, Rum Renaissance was a huge success.  Here’s what happened over the weekend.


A Rummy Week Comes to an End

Friday started early with a breakfast hosted by Plantation Rum.  The Rum XP group relaxed around the Deauville Hotel pool bar to learn about this wonderful line of rums.  We had the opportunity to sample their entire line including the new blend from Guadeloupe and their Overproof.  A wonderful way to start the day!  At lunch our friends from Cockspur Rum gave us the scoop about some very cool things happening with their brand and the major push they’re making in the US.  If you haven’t tried their 12 year rum in a while, pick up a bottle.  It’s now the same blend as their VSOR, a fantastic rum that was previously only available in Barbados.

Friday night we found ourslelves at the SoHo Beach House in Miami Beach for yet another party.  Chester Brown, the Mount Gay Global Brand Ambassador, hosted us to a great night of rum, music, conversation and a feast created by the Rum Chef himself, Paul Yellin.

Our next stop was back at the Deauville Hotel Jazz Club for the Abuelo Rum VIP Party.  This was among the best gatherings of the week and Abuelo Rums flowed at a rapid clip all night.  Ricardo March, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, welcomed the group and presented the latest rum in the Abuelo line, Centuria, a wonderful 30-year Solera.  As the crowd grew and people lined up at the bar, bartenders and mixologists in the crowd jumped in to lend a hand and a wild party ensued.

Saturday morning started with yet another impromptu beach party at the Deauville Hotel and anticipation built for the big day, the Rum Renaissance Grand Tasting.  At 2pm, the doors opened to a crowd of thirsty rum and cocktail enthusiasts.  Brands from around the world were assembled to show off their products and it was nothing short of amazing.  It was great to see several new and interesting brands for the first time this year.  I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot about Banks 5 Island, Denizen, Siesta Key and Dzama Rums throughout the coming months.

Sunday was yet another day of rum sampling, seminars and competitions.  Crowds swelled and rum swilled freely all day until the event wound down around 8pm.  We say it every year, but Rum Renaissance just keeps getting bigger and better.  How they will top it next year is a mystery but we can’t wait to find out.  A special shout out goes to the new and old friends we connected with over the week.  We look forward to sharing another rum and smile with you soon.  Over and out from Miami.  Key West, here we come.  Cheers!