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A Rum-tastic Week……so far

Late night parties, early morning brand meetings, tasting competitions and impromptu pool gatherings have made this an action packed Rum Renaissance.


Day and Night, Rum Renaissance Never Stops

The Rum Renaissance kick-off at Mai Kai on Monday will go down as one of the coolest rum events of the year.  Tuesday evening’s party and cocktail competition at the Deauville Hotel pool deck wasn’t half bad either and a real treat for anyone interested in rum and good drinks.  Watching a team of bartenders create original cocktails is always fun, but this competition was particularly interesting with the help of Barritt’s Ginger and Fee Brothers products.

Wednesday morning started early with a presentation and breakfast with the guys behind the new Banks 5 Island Rum.  This is an interesting new blend made with rums from five different distilleries and a brand that you’ll surely be hearing much about over the next year.  In the evening we found ourselves at the beautiful Palms Hotel in Miami Beach at a party hosted by Brugal Rum.  Premium cigars were plentiful, a Latin band played lively salsa music, people talked and danced and, of course, much Brugal Rum was consumed.  What a great night!

Thursday started with a presentation by Atlantico.  Tasting Dominican rums over breakfast is something everyone should try.  Thanks guys!  In the evening, the Rum Bus took our group from Miami Beach into downtown Miami for the Zafra party at Tobacco Road.  Zafra is a wonderful 21 year old Panamanian rum that has become popular since hitting the market last year.  It was great to catch up with their team and talk with Master Blender Don Pancho.

The next party was at the Bacardi penthouse in downtown Coral Gables.  We were treated to a full bar of Bacardi products and an endless stream of wonderful cocktails.  The biggest surprise of the night was being asked to sit in on a focus group that analyzed new Bacardi blends.  There are some very interesting new rums about to hit the market from Bacardi and being among the first to sample them will go down as a big highlight for Rum Connection.  If that wasn’t enough, we were treated to some outstanding late night Cuban food by the Dos Maderas team.  Thanks all.

Here we go.  Day 5 of a very rummy week at Rum Renaissance and the two biggest days are yet to come.  Stay tuned for more.