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New Rums from Cuba

Look out Havana Club!  There’s another Cuban rum positioning itself for a larger piece of the export rum pie.  Ron Santiago de Cuba expands their line.


To increase their exporting assortment, the spirits firm Ron Santiago de Cuba announced that it will roll out a new line of light and dark rums within the next few months.

Juan Gonzalez, president of Cuba Ron SA, a trading company in charge of commercializing Cuban spirits, said the launch will mark the 150th anniversary of light rum making on the island.  The new line of rums will be distilled in the age-old traditional methods that have made their style of spirits a commodity worldwide among liquor enthusiasts and collectors.

Rum Master Tranquilino Placencia praised the uniqueness of the new line which utilizes an exclusive family formula they’ve kept secret since the first light rums were distilled in Santiago de Cuba back in 1862.

Tano, as the Rum Master is nicknamed, said they have stored thousands of barrels of 25 year old rum which will allow them to produce a remarkable blend from some of the brands eldest stock.

Cuba Ron SA showed some growth in its 2011 exports despite the economic crisis battering Europe, the main market for its products.  The future of the brand, with the addition of several new rums to their line, looks very promising.  They have slowly grown exports to the Middle East and Asia over the last several years and plan to continue that push.  Keep an eye out for their next release, the Extra Dark Age, on liquor shop shelves in Europe within the coming months.