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Shots at Midnight

Promising to be the next “crowd pleasing drink ritual” Kahlua rolls out a rum & coffee shot called Midnight.


Shots-in-a-bottle and ready-to-drink cocktails in a can have become the darlings of the corporate drinks industry in 2012.  To be honest,  having given up shots long ago and preferring hand crafted cocktails to anything pre-made, we’re not in favor of this trend. So when Kahlua recently launched their 70 proof rum and coffee concoction, we took notice but didn’t expect much.  Here’s what the folks at Kahlua are saying.

“Looking for the next great shot and drinking ritual to electrify the night?  The good news is that it’s always “midnight” somewhere, and all there is to do is chill, pour, and shoot. Guaranteed to inspire epic nightlife moments, Kahlua Midnight™, a 70 proof mix of rum and black coffee liqueur, makes its debut today in bars and retailers nationwide. This bold, yet slightly sweet creation is a delicious mixture of smooth rum mixed with strong black coffee. It is intended to be served chilled as a shot that can transform an otherwise unremarkable night into an unforgettable one. It embodies the spirit of the midnight hour, a time where a new day is dawning and possibilities seem endless.”

Hmmm, not sure how I feel about this product and will reserve judgement until I’ve given it a try.  Until then, I’ll stick with the Key West version of this drink.  Combine 2 ounces of freshly brewed Cuban coffee, 2 ounces of Brinley’s Coffee Rum and a splash of Cruzan Rum Cream.  Boom!  The perfect balance of caffeine, rum and flavor.


Are you a fan of cocktails-in-can or ready-to-drink shots?  Be sure to weigh in on this trend in the comments section.