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SIP Awards

The SIP Awards recently hosted its 2011 competition at the Vin de Syrah Spirit & Wine Parlor in downtown San Diego.  Here are the results.


Distillers rallied their highest quality spirits to compete for the coveted status as a consumer favorite.  The competition, which enlists consumers to form its judging panel, featured 73 judges who participated in a blind tasting of 249 global spirits.  Total scores reflected each judge’s rating across three areas: aroma, taste and finish.

“We carefully select judges who have no industry affiliation and represent an accurate sample of the public.  This is not about who has the best marketing campaigns, which brand has won awards in the past, or who has a local fan base – it is purely about quality…” explains executive producer Paul Hashemi.  “These are not distillery experts or professional food and wine critics who write to please advertisers; our judges are the people who rate beverages all the time as they select a spirit on the weekend or evening for their own enjoyment.”  The judges spoke by awarding the highest honors to the following competitors:

The Winners are…

White Rum

Angostura Reserve – Best in Class
Diplomatico Blanco – Gold
Don Q Cristal – Gold
Gold Miner Rum – Silver

Gold / Dark Rum

Angostura 1919 – Best in Class
Gold Miner Dark Rum – Best in Class
Angostura 7 Year – Gold
Angostura 5 Year – Silver
Don Q Gold – Bronze

Extra Aged Rum

Cruzan Single Barrel Rum  – Best in Class
Don Q Gran Anejo – Best in Class
Barcelo Imperial – Gold 
Angostura 1824 – Gold 
Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva –  Silver 
Don Q Anejo  – Silver 
Barcelo Gran Anejo – Bronze

Spiced Rum

Black Roberts Spiced Rum – Gold 
Black Beard Rum Spiced Rum – Silver 
Cruzan 9 – Bronze

These distinguished winners led the pack by earning the highest recognition among stiff competition.  In the three short years since its inaugural competition, the number of participants has more than doubled.  According to Hashemi, this tremendous growth is no surprise.  “The focus on quality appeals to both smaller companies whose spirits are not yet available on a global distributorship-level, but are worthy of recognition on an international scale, and to consumers who are most concerned with taste.  Creating a level playing field is the best way to reward true quality beverages and to introduce consumers to world class drinks which would otherwise go undiscovered in the shadows of dominant companies.”

To view all of the 2011 SIP Award winners, visit their website.