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Sugar Island Rum Launch

To keep up with consumer demand for quality spirits, Trinchero Family Estate launches Sugar Island Rums.


imageTrinchero Family Estates (TFE) has announced the launch of Sugar Island Spiced and Coconut rums. Sugar Island is the first new product innovation line in the company’s growing spirits division, Trinchero National Spirits. Sugar Island rums are made from the finest Caribbean sugar cane, and are available in consumer-favorite flavors: Spiced and Coconut.

As the demand for quality spirits has continued to increase both in consumption and in the share of beverage alcohol, TFE – a wine industry veteran of more than 60 years – expanded into the spirits category in September, 2012. The division was formed with the mission to represent an expansive portfolio of high quality premium spirits and mixers that would complement the company’s storied wine brands.

“As wine and spirits have now surpassed beer as the leading alcoholic beverage of choice, TFE has the experience, innovation and distribution to provide consumers with the brands they want,” noted Bob Torkelson, president and COO of TFE.

With sipping Tequilas gaining popularity and the Margarita holding its title as the leading cocktail in the U.S., Cruz Tequila and Tres Agaves Tequilas and Mixers were the first two spirits brands to join the TFE portfolio. Rum was a strategic choice as the next spirits category for TFE, with 17 straight years of growth driven by the flavored segment – led by Spiced and Coconut rums.