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Sunset Celebration

Cocktails, sunsets and an island of misfits.  Here’s a look at the world famous Key West Sunset Celebration.  Cheers!


Every day, about 90 minutes before sunset in Key West you see a certain pattern.  Tourists, locals, artists, drunks, musicians, vendors, psychics and cruise ship passengers all grab a drink and start making their way to an area called Mallory Square to watch the famous Key West sunset.

No one really knows how the sunset celebration got started in Key West.  It’s been said that Tennessee Williams applauded the sunset every day with a cocktail in hand, so did Hemingway, so did Buffett, and so will generations of sun-seekers to come.  Some say that the sunset celebration we know today started with the surge of hippies living on the island in the 1960’s.  Others say that rowdy deck hands from the local fleet of fishing boats would end their day with a bottle of rum on the docks as the sun went down.  Often times they were there (in a much different state) when the sun came up too.  Over the years, tourists got in on the act and witnessing a sunset from Mallory Square has become a rite of passage.

Whether you’re looking for a wild party or quiet place to have a drink, watching the sun dip into the ocean from the docks in Key West rates pretty high on our list.  So, for your Friday entertainment, here’s a look at how we celebrate another beautiful day in Key West, Florida.  Cheers!