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Tanduay Tackles Florida

Following a successful 2013 launch in Miami, Tanduay Rum makes a big push across Florida.


imageBeginning this month, Tanduay Asian Rum will begin distribution throughout the entire state of Florida. This growth comes after a successful launch period in the southern part of the state that began when the rum first entered the U.S. back in late July.

“The success of Tanduay in the Miami market makes the statewide expansion a logical next step and has always been part of our game plan,” remarks Whit Repp, Brand Action Team’s Vice President of Marketing, Tanduay Asian Rum’s agency of record. “We have already been available at all Total Wine stores in Florida and the brand has been performing well in those outlets. Now it’s time to make the brand available to all accounts.”

Tanduay Asian Rum is now a part of the Transatlantic Division of Southern Wine & Spirits. With 50 sales professionals, Transatlantic specializes in high-end wines and premium spirits. In addition to the support it will receive from Transatlantic’s sales force, Tanduay will have on board a key account manager, charged with guiding sales efforts and coordinating samplings and trainings in North Florida, including Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, and Pensacola.
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