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Tech: Cocktail Flow

Looking for a cool cocktail app?  Well, all the tech geeks and spirits nerds are talking about Cocktail Flow.


For the second year in a row, Wired Magazine ranks Cocktail Flow among the top 5 drink mixing apps on the market.  Packed full of one-of-kind features and sleek design this is a must-have for every home bartender.

Here’s what you get:

Barstock Search

Select the ingredients present in your home cabinet from the application’s virtual cabinet with a touch. Then view the cocktails that can be made with them.

The application also offers shopping advice on further ingredients to buy based on the contents of your cabinet.

Amazing Photography

Visuals are the second most important thing about cocktails after taste. All recipe pictures have been carefully composed to deliver the fantastic experience you’ll feel when drinking them.

Have you ever shown a friend just how good a cocktail tastes? With the stunning pictures in Cocktail Flow, you finally can.

Instant Search

Search recipes instantly by typing their names in any list. Categorized cocktail lists allows drink browsing either by type or by their base spirit.

The tempting recipes also display a list of similar cocktails, helping you discover cocktails of similar taste.


Not sure where to start? The guides in this application explain the essentials needed to get started creating the perfect cocktail – from bar tools to garnishing techniques.

Recipes also come with step by step guides on how to make them, making it easy to create those tasty drinks.

Get it at the App Store.