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Tech: Speakeasy Cocktails App

Whether you’re a novice home-bartender or a seasoned pro, the Speakeasy Cocktails App will have you whipping up classic cocktails in no time.  Check it out.


Mix the perfect drink with Speakeasy Cocktails, a complete how-to app that features video tutorials, instructional graphics, hundreds of interactive recipes, and expert advice from two award-winning bartenders.

Built and designed exclusively for the iPad, this groundbreaking how-to guide allows you to touch, watch, listen and read as you learn. Speakeasy Cocktails is a complete experience that combines the depth of a traditional book with stunning multimedia not possible on paper.


● Over 90 minutes of HD video tutorial featuring Jim Meehan and Joseph Schwartz, who founded New York City’s famed speakeasy revival bars PDT (Please Don’t Tell), Little Branch, and Silver Lining

● Authored by Rob Willey, seasoned mixology journalist who writes for Details and has contributed to Food & Wine, Bon Appétit, and the New York Times

● A unique collection of 200 recipes created by 58 professional mixologists from the today’s leading cocktail bars in the U.S., Canada, U.K., and Australia


● 40 HD video tutorials by two world-renowned bartenders who teach you how to make the classic drinks, from basic techniques like when to shake vs. stir, to advanced tricks like using eggs, swizzles and fire 

● All drink recipes are fully interactive – tap on any ingredient, tool or technique to learn more 

● Recommendations for more than 100 spirits, liqueurs, bitters, mixers & sweeteners 

● Buying Guide: With shakers, strainers, spoons, and stemware, discover what the pros use and where they shop

● History of the speakeasy, the secret bars that flourished during Prohibition in America 

● Interactive map with 44 of today’s secret speakeasy-revival cocktail bars across the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia 

● Gorgeous photography of classic cocktails, tools, spirits and ingredients 

● Easy-to-follow navigation, allowing you to jump from recipes to videos to details of spirits and mixers 

● Ability to bookmark and easily search recipes, ingredients, and gear

● Quick-reference glossary with 190 key terms and definitions 

● Sticky notes and highlights that can be saved and shared with friends

Download it today from the App Store.