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Tech: Thirstie App

“A liquor store in your pocket.” Thirstie App just might change the way you shop for booze.


imageIf you live in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Los Angeles or Downtown Chicago, download THIRSTIE for convenient, on-demand wine & spirits shopping right from your phone. Simply open the app, enter your info and choose your bottles. Delivery within an hour.

Save time and hassle! THIRSTIE is the best new way to search, discover and buy the bottles you need, whether you’re on the go or on your couch. Delivery is free.

THIRSTIE wants to help you get your favorite bottles delivered right to your doorstep, wherever you are, whenever you want. Think of it as your online liquor store, in your pocket.

Enter your delivery address and the closet merchant will take care of your order. Save your account information and all orders are seamlessly processed with just a few taps. Select, order, answer your door.

Future Features:
Track order history — great for simple re-ordering. Rate the bottles you liked. And share your new faves with your friends.

THIRSTIE is available for IPhone and Android and you must be 21 years or older to use it.