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Thank you Grenada

Following a week of good times on the Spice Island a big thank you goes out to the people of Grenada.


Just got back from 10 days of rumming it up in Grenada.  As usual, the itinerary was filled with all kinds of fun discovering the Spice Island. We visited world class rum distilleries, judged the CAB rum competition and attended the third annual Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival.  Of course, there were also lazy days spent bar hopping along Grand Anse Beach and late night cocktail sampling sessions at Mt. Cinnamon.

The group I travel with is made up of rum experts, island enthusiasts and seasoned travelers.  We all bring a different set of world-experiences to the table and our journeys together are never anything short of magical.  You can always count on plenty of laughs, heated debates about rum and funny stories told about our adventures past.  Of course, this always leads to lack of sleep and well-installed hangovers, but in the end I wouldn’t change our pace or priorities for anything.

On this particular trip, there was always one reoccurring positive theme – the people of Grenada.  They are among the kindest of any place that I’ve traveled in the Caribbean, perhaps any place in the world.  There is always an abundance of welcoming smiles, warm handshakes and a genuine offer of friendship. This has become too uncommon in the world and my heart has been touched by an island of people who are focused on spreading love and good vibes.

By the end of my ten days in Grenada one thing became very clear – this may have been my first trip to “The Spice” but it will certainly not be my last.  To all of my new friends, many thanks and I’ll see you soon.