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Holiday Drinking

Happy Thanksgiving!  Today will surely be filled with hours of football watching, turkey eating and quality time with loved ones.  So, what are you drinking?


This time of year I always find myself trying to find an appropriate holiday cocktail to serve at parties and family get-togethers.  It can be tough.  Does anyone really want a pumpkin pie martini after a giant Thanksgiving meal or a muddled turkey mojito with cranberry rum?  I don’t think so.  How about a peppermint candy infused rum swizzle for Christmas?  Mmmm, probably not.  

This year I’ve decided to keep it simple.  During today’s game I’ll be drinking a few beers and with my meal, maybe a glass of wine.  But for dessert I’ll be enjoying a glass or two (maybe three) of one of my favorite Bajan rums, Rum Sixty Six!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Have a great day and have fun, whatever your holiday drink of choice may be.