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Top CL&TL Beach Bars

Our Beach Bar Review Series continues with a little help from Carl Grooms of the Coastlines & Tan Lines blog.  Check out his top three sandy imbibing spots.


Beach Bar Hopping
with Carl Grooms

The best beach bars in the world are places where you can sense the fun had by people the day before, feel the energy around you in the present and where you can anticipate the excitement of what may happen tomorrow.  You never want to leave.  A short list of my favorites?

The Beach Bar Cruz Bay, St. John is unique in the fact that it’s a great bar in the middle of a town.  The food is magnitudes greater than most beach bars, the staff is efficient and engaging and the drinks are stiff and flow fast.  Best of all, you can watch the sun set from your bar stool.  I enjoy watching it dip behind St. Thomas and bounce off the bottom of tropical clouds creating a marmalade sky.


El Barco Hundido is on Panama’s Caribbean coast in Bocas del Toro.  The entire bar is built out from the rocky shore over the water and there are few railings to keep you from falling in once you are drunk on Abuelo rum.   What really puts this bar on my list is the combination floating boat and bar, the “Barco Loco” that does a lap in the bay at sunset.

Super Paradise Beach Bar in Mykonos, Greece is over the top.  The bar sits in the center and best spot on one of Europe’s most uninhibited beaches.  It stays quiet and serves up beer and light drinks most of the day.  At 5 p.m. the Euro-pop beats commence and the girls begin dancing on the bar.  The flow of liquor accelerates and the bikinis come off.  This could very well be where the drink Sex on the Beach was invented.

 If you want to read more from Carl, check out the Coastlines & Tan Lines blog.  To learn more about his quest to be the first ever Tommy Bahama Rumologist click here.


Photos from Carl Grooms, Jet Set 1 and Babaloo via Flickr